Best Ergonomic Chair – Review for 2017

If there’s one thing that can relieve the pain you get from extended periods of work instantly, it’s an ergonomic office chair. If prolonged clicking and typing gives you wrist pain, then prolonged sitting gives you back pain. There’s no shortage of evidence and research that indicates that sitting too long increases the risk for various diseases and muscle pains. There’s numbness, spinal misalignment and whole sorts of problems that you can get from sitting incorrectly.

Too bad that standard office chairs does not put you into a position that is most comfortable and natural for your body! Most people hunchback when sitting or slump back which is very deleterious for your back when it is prolonged.

It is thus recommended that you pick a chair which can accommodate your body size and proportions. You will need a chair that support proper posture, this includes a chair with casters and a five-point base; a seat pan with dense, small-cell foam padding or coils; a backrest that is either curved or small enough to fit the small of the back; soft armrests with an adjustable height and width; a hydraulic seat heat adjustment feature; and a tilt adjustment to transfer some body weight to the chair’s backrest.

Embody Chair

If budget is not an issue, the best ergonomic chair that you can get is the Embody Chair by Herman Miller. It is designed for those who value their health in mind. The back rest traces the natural curvature of your spine which helps your back when sitting for hours a day. They even consulted physicians and physical therapists for this thing. It works so great, it has received several awards from different institutions!

The chair is neither too soft nor too firms, has several adjustments for your specifications and moves along with you. If you stretch yourself on the chair or try to lean back, the chair would accommodate your new position while keeping comfortability and support for your body. The chair is so great that you won’t notice that you’re sitting on a chair. This is a benchmark for good desk chair. It shouldn’t obtrusive to what you are doing. The build quality is better than your typical desk chair. It even comes with a 12 year warranty!

If however, you are in a budget, there are several notable picks you can choose from.

Next on our list is the best ergonomic office chair for those of you with pre-existing lower back pain. This does not take away from other chairs in this list, they all alleviate pain but not as much as this bad boy right here.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This thing started the ergonomic craze especially in the department of chairs. It’s the first seat to feature a woven seat and back without foam cushions, does the name; Aeron.

First thing that you should know about is the size of the chair that fits you. The chair if too small for you or too big would cause even more pain. However, when you’ve got the size dialed in, you’ll be feeling like you’re in cloud 9!

It does not cost as much as other true ergonomic chairs but it still would cost a lot. If you’re just looking for the best value per money then forget about all the other competitors and settle with this. Another thing to take note of is that Herman Miller goes on sale atleast twice a year after Thanksgiving and another 6 months after. It’s about 15% discount so it’s pretty substantial discount.

12 YEARS WARRANTY. Who gives a warranty like that? Only companies who truly believe that their products can withstand the test of time. That’s what you’ll be getting for your money, quality. Try not to unpeel the sticker underneath the seat as it contains all the information you’ll be needing for the warranty.

Another thing to take note of is that PostureFit Model type, even though is the most expensive is not the best version. The support is far too low as you need it around the lower back/lumbar area. Get the model with a Lumbar Pad.

Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

This beauty right here is the Sayl Chair, another ergonomic chair from Herman Miller. It features a Y Tower backbone of the chair which stretches the fabric and the ArcSpan which provides shape for the back.

Like other Herman Miller products, it comes with a 12 year warranty. You wouldn’t need that thankfully as the build quality is just excellent! The material for the armrest are just right and the gorgeous suspension back feels really good for my body. It conforms perfectly to your back while still keeping you cool.

It’s quite comfortable even when used for long periods of time, the recline is just right and there’s plenty of seat padding. There’s a model with adjustable armrests, which would cost an additional. Depending on your height and proportion, you might either need it or not. Go try it out first before buying it cheaper online.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for those with Neck Pain


This is an ergonomic chair that alleviates discomfort. It just has its own special distinction as the chair has a head rest.

This chair is a perfect fit for people for are somewhat taller than average.

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