Best Ergonomic Keyboard – Review for 2017

May I ask you one thing, why are people still using normal keyboards for their everyday use? Ha! That was a rhetorical question, they are not using them because they don’t the benefits of such keyboards. And that is your advantage, you know why they are necessary! Big round of applause for you!

An ergonomic keyboard or ergo keyboard for short is proven to relieve and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strain and soreness from your forearms to your hand. It works hand in hand with an ergonomic mouse to make sure that your hands and wrist are as healthy as they could be.

Normal keyboards has your wrist in acute angles instead of perfectly straight when typing. This induces a lot of strain to both your muscles and your joints. If you are using both your mouse and keyboard for more than 8 hours, it is best to invest in a good pair of computer peripheral for your health and well being. An investment in these accessories is an investment to yourself.

If for however, you’re a casual user who does not type all day long or play endless hours then it is not that necessary to dive deeper into the world of ergonomics.

So what makes up a good ergonomic keyboard?

To put it into simpler terms, your hands should be naturally aligned with your forearms. It should not be bent in any form in any axis. If one’s wrist is bent, your nerves will be compressed and this might lead to pain. So to make an ergonomic keyboard, they keys themselves should be angled outwards so that they meet your hand straight on.

Aside from that, we also reviewed the keyboards based on other features such as: are they mechanical or membrane keyboards; does the keyboard have a tilt; is the keypad detachable or not and for other features such as extra/macro buttons.

So where do you start, given the hundreds of listings in the market for ergonomic keyboards. Here we’ll have a brief look through the bestselling boards and why they sell as much as they can. Some of these peripherals double as gaming keyboards and thus are double the price of a good ergonomic keyboard. If you do not need the functionality of these gaming keyboards, then I suggest you shop for keyboards that are better of value.

General Warning: Ergonomic Keyboards are in no way a substitute for a consultation with a medical doctor when you are experiencing wrist pains or any pain due to repetitive stress injury. Please don’t be stupid and go visit your doctor.

Check this article out if you want to know more about what makes a good ergonomic keyboard.


Thanks to its negative slope design, your wrist and arms are in a relaxed neutral position. There’s a large wrist pad at the bottom of the keyboard and there’s a crest between to prevent tilting of the wrist. The keyboard does look sexy, don’t you think? It is comfortable to use for long periods of time so this is a good investment on your part.

The number pad is separated to enable you to keep your mouse closer to the keyboard. This makes it great for people with low desk real estate. The Riser (which brings up the front of the keyboard) has surprising benefits. It straightens your wrist and feels magical after getting accustomed to it.

The keys used scissor switch keys, an upgrade from the rubber dome keys. These are however, not yet mechanical switches which is a bummer. It uses a lot of battery I can tell you that, it’s quite excessive if you pair it up with the sculpt mouse. Another tip: for ergonomic uses, it is better to just pick up the keyboard and not the combo as there are far better options out there for a computer mouse. Read on our review of ergonomic mouse for what to replace it with.


It is a bluetooth keyboard (wireless ergonomic keyboard), so it’s great for those of you who does like the mess that wires bring. Do take note however than there are two versions of the keyboard, one for the apple environment and another for the others (Windows, Linux and Android). It can pair simultaneously to 3 devices, and it has a switch for you to pick which device to type on.

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Blue is split keyboard and so, like the Matias Ergo Pro, most of you would need to get accustomed first to it. This is especially those for us who cross our fingers on the other sides of the keyboard just to type.

If you’re going to buy this thing, make sure to get the VIP3 accesory which enables you to tilt or angle your keyboard to up to 15 degrees. This helps with the ergonomicity of the device. Especially helpful for those who need unusual angles like in a pyramid shape for their wrist not to hurt. This accessory also adds a palm rest.

The keys are clicky and does not need much force to press on. This keyboard might not be as ergonomic as other keyboards in this list or built with a better quality than them but this is truly an option for those who switch devices frequently or would like a wireless option.


best ergonomic keyboardOut of the three, if you’re shopping for a mechanical keyboard then this right here fits the bill. Being a mechanical keyboard however makes this the most expensive of the rest that we reviewed here but for a good mechanical keyboard, the price is just right! If you like to hear the click of the keyboard every time you press a button then a mechanical keyboard is for you and Matias Ergo Pro would fill the void inside you.

In the ergonomic department, the keyboard is a split keyboard. You can also tilt the board away from you just like Microsoft’s which makes it really the best ergonomic keyboard. Tenting the keyboard (making it in a pyramid shape) is also an option, but having both a tilt and a tent is not. You can only pick from one of them and that’s a bummer!

Also, since the tilt and the tent is adjustable, the keyboard would fit a lot more people. Keys are larger than other keyboards which makes it really fun to type on. The mechanical switches help you know if a keypress was registered.

Aside from having a windows and apple version, it comes with two key switch types: Ergo Pro and Ergo Pro Low Force. Like how the name implies, the Ergo Pro Low Force needs much less force to press than Ergo Pro. It almost feels like you’re not pressing but just touching the button. This is great for people who has pains from typing too much since less force = less work for the muscles.


Build quality is really good, there’s less ‘flex’ in the plastic and a faux leather material makes up the wrist pad for comfort and feel. The entire keyboard just feels really durable as well as comfortable. The key design features curvature which is very noticeable in some keys such as A, F and J. Some buttons also has a different shape than a normal keyboard. It takes practice to hit it without thought but not as much as when you use a split keyboard.

There’s a riser below the front of the keyboard which gives it a negative tilt, this is a very good ergonomic design.

Sound is dampened when pressing keys, so if loud keyboards irritate you then you’ll love this board. The keyboard only has a wired version which can make your workspace cluttered. Some might be put off by that, others less.

There are extra buttons which you can program to do different task or macros for you which is always a nice feature to get from these keyboards. You do need to install the program for that. There’s a forward and back button here just like what you would normally see in a mouse and it does not need the drivers for that.

The Microsoft keyboard is larger than standard keyboards but it is much thinner than they are.

Overall, this is a very high-quality keyboard and a wireless version should be out by the time I publish this post so a few negative points of the keyboard can be taken off. Do I recommend this? A big resounding yes. It’s a good keyboard and it makes your wrist feel better. The best of both worlds.

So we’ve learned that an ergonomic keyboard is one which puts your hand into the most natural position while typing with utmost efficiency. An ergonomic product is made for people’s comfort while maximizing productivity.

I hope you all have learned something from this review and might have picked which one is the best for your needs.

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