Best Ergonomic Mouse Reviews for 2017

What the freaking hell is an ergonomic mouse? Let’s first take a look at a dictionary on what ergonomic means.

Ergonomic (n.) – intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.

Sounds like what a normal mouse should be right? But it is not! The regular mouse that you can buy for a couple of bucks are not really that comfortable at all. Use it for a couple of hours straight, especially when you’re at your office and you’d soon feel that something is wrong with your wrist. You would have thought that with all the money and time spend on researching human kinetics, daily consumer products that we would use be more optimal for our needs.

Your normal mouse is made to point at things at your screen, nothing more. It wasn’t made for comfort or your well being and that’s why it is so cheap! A lot of money is poured into researching designs which would be natural for the hands.

But let’s get back to the topic of Ergonomic Mouse. Why do you really need to buy these very niche computer peripheral?

Well, if you care about your wrist health or want to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome (Repetitive Stress Injuries) especially for those of you who grind all day at the office then an ergonomic mouse is what you need.

It would bring you comfort! Not only that, it somewhat looks pretty also! Think of it as an investment both for your productivity and for your health. It is one of the triads in a highly efficient workstation, the other two are; Ergonomic Chair and Ergonomic Keyboards.

Let’s now cover the Best Ergonomic Mouse this 2017

Let’s grade each mouse according to different criteria set by our website.

  1. Comfortability
  2. Aesthetics, Specification & Other Features
  3. Build Quality
  4. Price


It does not matter whether you are sitting on your LazyBoy or using it on a glass, you will always get precise control of your cursor with the track ball. Granted that to most of you, a track ball would be something to adjust to. This hand friendly mouse does not need any moving, just use your thumb to operate it!

It has a 30 ft. wireless range which is about 5 fully grown man stacked on top of another lying on the floor. Imagine that, that is far! It only uses a single battery, which can power the mouse for up to 18 months.

There’s a scroll wheel and a back/forward buttons on the left side hand of the clicker. Standard stuff for today’s generation of mouse.

Since there’s no arm movement, you won’t be straining especially on those long computer shifts. The only thing working in your body are your fingers. The body of the mouse is sculpted to support your hands naturally. Look at those curves! All the buttons are also accessible within a finger distance.

One small tip I can give to you if ever you buy it is to place a wedge with approximately 30 degrees in incline under it so that you won’t be resting any of your weight on your nerves. You can just use a Styrofoam and cut it into 30 degree incline. Now just put it under the mouse and it should be at the perfect position for those with CTS. Oh, and do remember to clean the track ball atleast once a week plus the pads that is in contact with the ball.

Priced at $24 which isn’t really that far from today’s standard mouse.


Now this one is quite an unusual looking mouse configuration, but I got to say, it looks pretty. The mouse is designed this way for optimal working comfort and reduced wrist and arm strain. You are basically going to hold it like you’re giving someone a handshake. There’s a thumb rest with rubber grips for maximum grip. It also designed to provide comfort to that finger.

There are 9 buttons and 4 DPI settings (up to 2400 DPI), it is wireless and it works up to 33 ft. of distance. This makes it very adequate for gaming even if it was not really made for it. It rivals the Logitech Proteus with the number of buttons but at the same time also has that office feel of it. There’s a wrist guard which really helps when you’re going to use it for lots of hours.

The build quality is really good! It does feel light to carry but the molding as well as the plastic used in the mouse feels premium. There is however one fault with this mouse, you cannot change the grip size. If you have small hands, you might have a hard time gripping it. Worst scenario, it actually worsens comfortability. Make sure before buying that the size is perfect for your hands.


If you want a pretty mouse, then this right here might just be one of the most beautifully design mice out there. The form is both a design and a function; it makes the mouse work even on the most difficult of surfaces. It doesn’t matter if the surface is uneven or soft or rough or glossy, it just works. It’s what they call the BlueTrack Technology.

It’s very portable, bend the pad to get started and if you’re done then just straighten it out for storage! It has a MAGNETIC storage port on the underside of the mouse for the signal receiver when you are done using the mouse.

It works up to 30ft away. Sadly, there are no extra buttons for those of you who rely on macros for your daily work. There is however a touch strip which works through haptic feedback to scroll through documents of webpages easily.

This is however the least ergo friendly in the list and that is one to consider. It it shaped well for the hands but nowhere near comfortable as its rivals in this list.


If there are two bitter rivals, it is this vs Evoluent Vertical Mouse. They are the most suggested computer mice for those with wrist discomfort due to usage of a traditional mouse. Aside from being suggested, both of them were also recommended by the Academe of University of California!

The mouse has a nice rubbery matte finish that prevents your hand from slipping. Like other mice in the list, they are both in a handshake position. Think of it as almost perpendicular to the surface while in normal mice, you’d have your wrist parallel to the surface. It is around 65 degrees in angle. Those with wrist tension would feel immediate relief against a regular mouse. Compared to Evoluent Vertical Mouse, index finger would be for left click and the right click is used by the middle finger. This is intuitive against Evoluent where your ring finger does the right clicking. Build quality is good but not as exceptional as those of Logitech’s or Microsoft’s.

Anker comes in a wired and wireless version. For those with wireless, it has an extra option where it automatically turns off after some time to reduce battery usage.


The first vertical mouse in the business is this baby right here. Due to its name recognition due to its academic research papers and the first ergonomic mouse that made it mainstream, it has to this day, the bestselling peripheral.

Take an investment now and remove all those arm pains, elbow pains and wrist pains associated with repeated clicking and non-optimal mice design. Like I said on my review above, it takes quite a while before you get accustomed to this thing. Every movement feels awkward and every click feels like you have to think of it. But when everything finally clicks together, you’ll notice that you have no pain anymore!

The build quality however is the lowest among the list as it feels very plasticky. It’s not the premium heavy plastic molding you feel with other premium devices, it just feels like 90’s plastic mouse. Make no mistake, it is reliable and not that easy to break but the texture might put off some people.

Aside from that, it’s one of the more costly product out there.


With a weird name coupled with a weird shape, it really puts the list unto a high note. For those of you in CAD design work, your colleagues might have suggested this as the best mouse this 2017. And rightly so because it just works! Your hand rest directly on the mouse itself, not just the fingers! You’ll be using your forearm instead of your wrist to move the mouse. This is the right way to move a mouse!

One problem faced by the Handshoe Mouse is that it is LARGE! You may need a lot more desk space if you don’t have plenty already. You’ll be using your forearm remember? Your fine precision may suffer at first due to the motion but you’ll have it dialed in in no time.

This right here is the most ergonomic mouse out there, it is also however the priciest of the bunch. If wrist comfort is really what you are after then this will fit the bill.

These are the best computer mouse; couple this with the best ergonomic mouse pad.